Friday, March 30, 2007

Another CJ

I got one more done tonight, only one more to go yipeeee! This layout is for Jaimie's toddler album. The orange square opens for hidden pictures and journaling. This layout is a little more simple than my usual but once the pics are added it'll be complete and adorable.

Here's what the inside of the square looks like.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

More CJ Layouts

I finished a couple more layouts.

This is Andrea's A-Z about me girl layout. Im hoping that mounting cardstock on the back of the pages will help take the ripple out of the paper. I stamped the flowers on using glitter glue. Hubby thinks the l.o. is too busy, I just think it's girly :)

This is a draft of Kathy's "mom" layout. I haven't decided if I should use the flowers or not, maybe the simplicity of the scrolls is enough?

This is Connie's growing up boys layout. It's not quite done yet, I have to pick up the letters to put "grade" on the 2nd page. I like how the little journaling parts turned out, I made them like little folders that pictures or journaling can be tucked into.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CJ Swap

Ok so I haven't been real good at keeping up on my blog lol. I just wanted to post some of the pages Ive been working on for a cj swap Im in. Ive had lots of fun with all the different themes.

This is Melissa's doggie layout. My favorite part of this layout besides the theme is the colors and the charms on the bottom of the page.

Danelle's baby shower layout. I can't help but use pink on a girl page, Id actually use pink on every page if I could :) I liked the chipboard that I crackled for this layout.

Kathie's A to Z All About Me Boy layout. This page has hidden journaling under the photo mat on the 2nd page, that was fun to do but I think my favorite thing on the page is the "B" with the little "brother" tag on it.And Kathy's Disney Autograph's layout. This one was a challenge for me but I had fun shopping for the supplies for it. My favorite part is the pink glittered "S".
This is Dawn's Tropical Vacations layout. I had a lot of fun with this one, my favorite part is the cute flip flop stamps & the starfish.
This is Kristine's Love Quotes layout. I love the colors she chose for her album, pink and brown, my favorite parts of this layout is the swirly stamps in the corners and I also like how the quotes turned out.
This is all that is complete, I put together 2 more layouts this evening but I have to decide if it's final before I attach everything. I'll post more layouts as I finish them. My goal is to have these finished by the 1st of April so I better get scrappin!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007

My first blog, wow! I'm anxious to see if I can keep up with this. Im hoping to get some scrapbooking things posted this evening. Since Im at work though, this is all I'll be posting for now-later.