Thursday, March 29, 2007

More CJ Layouts

I finished a couple more layouts.

This is Andrea's A-Z about me girl layout. Im hoping that mounting cardstock on the back of the pages will help take the ripple out of the paper. I stamped the flowers on using glitter glue. Hubby thinks the l.o. is too busy, I just think it's girly :)

This is a draft of Kathy's "mom" layout. I haven't decided if I should use the flowers or not, maybe the simplicity of the scrolls is enough?

This is Connie's growing up boys layout. It's not quite done yet, I have to pick up the letters to put "grade" on the 2nd page. I like how the little journaling parts turned out, I made them like little folders that pictures or journaling can be tucked into.

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