Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tutus and Party Hats

My great niece recently celebrated her 1st birthday and I had great fun making her gift! What little girl doesn't like tutus? Well ok, maybe she wasn't as excited about it as we were :) And I just couldn't resist making a cute little birthday hat. So here's some pics from the event.

Here's the tutu and party hat, cute I know!

And a close up of the party hat
Brinley showing off her new tutu (she actually wasn't real excited about it, but it's so cute!)

And Brinley in her party hat. She wasn't very excited about this either, she didn't keep it on very long.

There you have it, a cute girl, a cute tutu and a cute party hat!

I've been thinking about making up some of those cute little party hats to sell in my etsy store. Of course I think about a lot of things but real life seems to always get in my way of my fun crafty life.

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LORi said...

Adorable with a Capital A!!! Sweet too!! She is a doll Trudi!!