Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recycled Jeans Water Bottle Sleeve

I have finally gotten sick of my water bottles sweating all over everything and decided to make a sleeve for them.  I literally whipped this one up in like 15 mins, I just wanted to see if something basic was going to work for me.  I reused a pair of jeans for this one.  It is super simple and after testing it I was pleased that the bottle did not sweat & the jean material was a good fit I thought.  But I want improvements.  I think a little pocket would be handy for my skinnier bottles to hold my chapstick & maybe cash/debit card.  I could probably do a larger pocket for my bigger Nalgene bottle that would hold my phone too. I would also like to insulate them so the stay cooler a little longer.  A lot of sleeves I've seen have handles or straps on them but for my personal use I don't see a need in that since I just grab the Nalgene bottle's handle to carry it 

I'll post pics of my new sleeves when I get them made with a review. 

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