Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Christmas Decorations

I think I have finally discovered my style and embraced it this season.  I discovered a new site this winter, Funky Junk Interiors, and this so describes the things I collect and love so I went with it this year in my decorating.  So here is a sampling of what I have done.

My husband acquired some Jeep parts that he is selling and he decided to repurpose some of the grills by adding a switch to the lights so they could light up while hanging on the wall.  I fell in love with this chippy paint one and since we are Jeep owners it was a must have.  This piece will be fun to decorate through the seasons.  This photo is above our mantle.

 The little sled was something I had purchased a number of years ago, I keep meaning to paint it but for now it's just weathered.  The wood box I purchased locally this year along with the big santa that is in it, I love him!
 A better look at the santa
 I decided I wanted candles in the windows this year, I went cheap and bought a set from Home Depot, they're cheesy plastic with gold bases so I dug out some small wood boxes, this one happens to be a drawer from a sewing machine table, and decorated them with artificial greens and pine cones.  I have 4 of these and love them and the flickering of the candle at night.  
 I wish this truck was mine for keeps but I borrowed it from my dad's large Tonka collection and added a little wreath and bottle brush trees.  Only better piece in this space would be an old Jeep :)
 Here's a full view of the mantle.  There's an iron tree that sits in a pail which was then covered with a soft sided tool bucket used by welders, this was a piece that belonged to one of my husband's friends that passed away this year.  There's a battery operated candle in the middle of the tree too.  I added a wreath to the Jeep grill and scattered through the garland are some metal gears, glass insulators and glass door knobs.  The "Ting" pop bottle is random and I meant to get others grouped with it.
 The tree slowly came together.  I wrapped some grapevine around it, took strips of burlap and plaid fabric that was repurposed from some p.j. bottoms.  I placed a big metal star on the top.  The "ornaments" are random pieces I had laying around the house.  The next pics are close ups of what's hanging on the tree.

The silver serving spoon is from my husband's grandma.
 My hubby has a small vintage camera collection and I pick them up for him here and there too so I added some of them to the tree.
This may seem strange but it has a story, quite a few years ago my family had a white elephant gift exchange.  I ended up with this fish that my nephew made in class in high school.  I saved it thinking it'd be fun to pass it around to the family as a joke which I never did.  We lost my nephew in 2011 in the war in Afghanistan so this little fishy has become a cheesy sentimental piece and I thought the tree would be a perfect place for him this year.
I made some tin flowers out of old jello molds that I used in the garden this year, I decided to add some to the tree. 
This is another camera tucked in among the branches.
 Under the tree is an old army shipping box I picked up this year.  I used it to display one of my nephew's uniforms, some greens, a battery operated candle and the Willow Tree "Hero" figurine.  My husband has some war memorabilia that was his grandfather's that I'd like to add to this box.
This is our message center right inside the door, I wanted to do more in this area but I didn't get that far this year.
This is a small space next to the fireplace, the birch trees I got out in the woods (they were already fallen), the cross stitch piece my mom made a couple years ago.  There's a stack of suitcases which I used to tuck in one of my village pieces.  The door is a new purchase this year, I love it but I haven't really done much with it yet.
And lastly is our Christmas card holder.  This was an old receipt/bill holder I picked up years ago, it's perfect for this.

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