Friday, November 20, 2009

Inspirational Friday Favorites

This past week I've been perusing the internet for a number of different ideas for lots of Christmas stuff my focus for today's inspiration is brown & blue Christmas decor. After doing the local shop hop the beginning of this month with my mother and seeing these colors in one of the shops its been stuck in my head to switch out my Christams decor. I have a deep orange for my walls in our living room and I have been using red and silver for a number of years, not really a color that really pops it kind of blends in. My mom commented that the chocolate browns and blues would look really nice with the orange and I would agree. So I've been searching around for some inspiration and found a few inspirational photos, it's not a popular combination in Christmas decor so there wasn't a lot out there.

My goal for doing this though is to do it for a minimal fee and try to use what I have by changing its color, we'll see how well that goes. I'll try to keep a tally of my expenses. We don't have a traditional Christmas tree so that'll help keep the cost down and a lot of my decorating is with my Christmas Village plus we have a small house.

Enough babbling :) Here are some pictures of inspiration

These first set of pics I found at The Christmas Faerie

BHG has a slide show of some brown and blue decor it's mostly blue but it's still inspirational. HERE'S the link.
When I was at Walmart the other day they had decorations grouped into colors and there was a nice assortment of brow and blue so I'll be scoring some items from there too.

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