Friday, November 27, 2009

Inspirational Friday Favorites

While browsing around the web a few weeks back I found a way to make reusable tote bags out of old t-shirts, it's super easy and who doesn't have a ton of old t-shirts laying around. Now I don't know about you but those cheap .99 bags you can buy at the stores with their logo on them just doesn't thrill me so I had to give this t-shirt thing a try, it was so easy and I'll definitely be digging out some more shirts to make lots more. The one I made you can really cram that baby full with groceries and it's so durable, no worries about the bag tearing or anything.

HERE'S a tutorial on the bags.

After seeing the t-shirt totes I recently came across these super cute tank top totes. Now I've gotta give those a try. You can see how she did these HERE

So next time you start stacking up those old clothes to give away or toss, think about repurposing them into something you could use.

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